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Order Online


Order Online

You can fill out our form in minutes. Then we’ll contact your old pharmacy to get your prescriptions, and, if necessary for billing, your insurance company.

How soon can NX Pharmacies deliver my meds?

In many cases NX Pharmacies can get your prescription meds to you next day. If you live in a very rural or remote area, shipping will take a bit longer.

How does NX Pharmacies work?

With the information you give us, we’ll get your prescriptions from your former pharmacy, fill them and send them out to you, securely and discreetly.

Do I have to pay for my meds from NX Pharmacies?

You will have to pay for your prescribed medications as usual when you order from NX Pharmacies. We will take payment details on the order form, and bill your credit card. If you have drug coverage, we’ll bill the applicable percentage to your insurance company.

Where can NX Pharmacies deliver to?

NX Pharmacies’ service covers all of Canada. We can deliver meds next day to most big cities.

Can I get a prescription refill from NX Pharmacies?

NX Pharmacies offers a refill service, working with your doctor and your insurance company to ensure you never run out of meds. We provide an automatic refill service, or we can remind you to ask for a pill delivery.