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Advice about health conditions from a community pharmacy

For many people the community pharmacy is the first place to go when they feel unwell. Whether it’s acne, a cough that won’t clear, allergies or a worrying rash, pharmacists can help, either with a medication available over the counter or reassurance you that you won’t be wasting your doctor’s time if you ask for an appointment!

Our pharmacy is no different. Here are some quick guides to common health problems. But if you need a consultation with a community pharmacist, we can provide that, wherever you are in Canada.

Medicines use reviews

Our pharmacists can talk with you about the medications you have been prescribed for one or more long-term conditions like COPD or asthma. They can help you manage any side effects that are troubling you. They can check that you still need to take all the meds that you are taking. And they can adjust your prescription if it is not working for you.

Pharmacists can also help if you find it difficult to remember to take your medications, or if the packing or container is difficult for you to open.

Let your pharmacist know about any allergies you might have and they can check to make sure all your meds are safe for you to take.

FAQs about consulting a pharmacist


What if my health condition is an emergency?

If you need urgent medical help, the pharmacist will help you to call 911 or recommend that you visit your nearest emergency room.


Can community pharmacists vaccinate me?

They can administer vaccines that will help protect you against flu, shingles and pneumonia. They can also prescribe and administer travel vaccines.


What minor ailments can community pharmacists help with?

Community pharmacists can help with minor ailments including colds; allergies; diarrhea and constipation; insect bites and stings; minor burns, cuts and scrapes; acid reflux and indigestion.